Yale Student Investment Group (YSIG) is the oldest independent undergraduate fund in the country. Founded in 1982, YSIG manages a portfolio of $450,000 in public equities. Over the years, we’ve consistently grown and diversified our portfolio to generate stable returns. YSIG follows a fundamental value strategy and takes long or short positions across diversified industries.

We have six teams, each focusing on a different industry:

  • Consumers/Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Macro & Systematic Strategies
  • Media & Telecommunications
  • Small Cap & Special Situations
  • Technology


Our Purpose

YSIG provides an unparalleled learning opportunity for undergraduates interested in investing. YSIG prides itself in offering students the hands-on opportunity to invest capital into the public equity market. After a year at YSIG, members become more proficient in:

  • Formulating investment theses
  • Researching publicly traded companies
  • Constructing valuation models
  • Presenting an investment pitch


Alumni Network/Special Opportunities 

Our financial curriculum and educational culture provide a strong foundation for future opportunities. The investment in our members is reflected by our alumni network – graduates work for the top hedge funds, private equity firms, investment managers and investment banks.

Members also have the chance to attend YSIG-exclusive speaker events and networking sessions hosted by highly reputable investment and recruiting firms.



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